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La Parroquia de San Carlos Borromeo

Invocation for the House of Representatives.

September 11, 2001

God of peace and life,
Send your Spirit to all the victims of today's violence in New York, Pennsylvania and Washington. Bring consolation to their families and friends. Send your spirit of healing to our country and our world. Give the gifts of wisdom, courage and insight to help our leaders as they lead us out of this moment of crisis to a new day of understanding and peace. We ask in the name of the living God.


On the fateful morning of September 11, I was invited to offer the Invocation for the opening of the House of Representatives at 10 AM. On the way I heard about the New York terrorist attack. At 9:45 AM, an attack at the Pentagon was reported. The billowing smoke was visible through the windows of the Speaker's Lobby. A report circulated in the Capitol that there was danger of an imminent attack. People began to evacuate. The Speaker determined that the House would be assembled for the Invocation at 10 and then would be dismissed immediately. The Chaplain and I worked to rewrite the prayer. The few members who remained were in such a rush that one representative left her shoes on the way out. When the legislators gathered for briefing at the Capitol Police Headquarters I was again asked to lead the prayer. I would like to share the prayer with you and in your name for all affected by this terrible violence.

--Rev. Gerry Creedon

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