Our sister-parish relationship with the parish of Cavaillon and its many rural chapels began about 25 years ago under the leadership of Father Tuck Grinnell.  Now Cavaillon has been divided into five parishes:  Cavaillon, Gros-Marin, Flamands, Sudre, and Boileau.

Though political turmoil and natural events such as the January 2010 earthquake and hurricanes such as Hurricane Sandy in October 2012,  our relationship with our brothers and sisters in Haiti remains strong.  We look forward to continuing and strengthening those ties.

Through the generosity of many of the St. Charles parishioners, their families and friends, our mission is to:

  • Help educate and feed children in six schools (Boileau, Berrette, Flamands, Mission, Roche-Delmas, Sudre).  We paid tuition and fees for 770 students and provided food for the nutrition program of all students in the schools.

To download and print the Godparents’ sponsor form for 2013-2014, please click here.

  • Support the agricultural cooperative KAMAK (Kooperativ Agrikol Matino Kavayon) in its current and future projects.
    • Modernization of agriculture through use of a tractor and plow.
    • Animal projects – Families receive animals and pass their offspring to other families.
    • Nutrition program for school children, in cooperation with school directors and families.
    • Grain mill repair.
    • Replacement of a motor for a Cassaverie.
    • School gardens, in cooperation with school directors and families.
    • Purchase of efficiency stoves (Earth spark) for schools.
  • Support Health projects by encouraging clinics to become affiliated with the Health system in Haiti and get professional staff and by providing supplies.


Click here to read the blog of our most recent trip to Haiti in February 2013.



  • GODPARENTS PROGRAM FUND:                   $77,000 (Tuition for 770 students)
  • LUNCH PROGRAM:                                      $36,130 (Helps feed all children)
    • Includes a donation of $2,500 from the Sambang Gabi in December 2012
  • NOVEMBER 12 FUNDRAISER:                       $2,000 (spent on Grain mill repair)
  • ALTERNATIVE GIFT FAIR ANIMAL PROGRAM: $3,615 (Animals purchased)
  • COFFEE SALES:                                          $2,828 (on loan to Coffee coop)
  • ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT DONATION:       $10,000 (Purchase of tractor and plow)
  • GENERAL FUNDS:                                       $1,500
  • TOTAL RAISED:                                         $133,073



  • BECOME A MEMBER of the St. Charles Haiti Committee.  We need people who can help with our Godparents’ program, with Economic Development, Fundraising, Communication with our sister parishes in French or Creole, as well as practical activities such as packing school and health supplies.  We are looking for people who want to visit Haiti for their own interest, or to provide expertise to our group.  Our monthly meetings, on the first Wednesday of the month, are open to all.
  • BECOME A GODPARENT and/or give money to the Lunch program for the school year 2013-2014.  As of August 31, 2013, our Godparents had given over $60,000 to continue their support or to become new Godparents.  Our campaign in continuing so please consider giving.
  • PURCHASE GOAT AND CHICKEN CARDS, during our Christmas Market in November 2013, to help families in Haiti in their Animal program.
  • PURCHASE FAIR TRADE HAITIAN COFFEE during our monthly sales, at any time by calling Meg Gilroy, or during the Christmas market.
  • PURCHASE HAITIAN ART at the Christmas market.
  • DONATE SUPPLIES OR MONEY TO PURCHASE SCHOOL AND HEALTH SUPPLIES for our yearly shipment to Haiti or donate money to pay for shipping.
  • DONATE MONEY to support the KAMAK food cooperative.


For more information, please contact the Haiti committee members below:

Godparents’ program:  Lynnette LeMat (haiti_godparents_program@yahoo.com)

Health:  Pat Newman (AMRGC@aol.com)

Economic Development:  Richard Young (rcyoung22203@yahoo.com)

25th Anniversary, Coffee sales:  Meg Gilroy (megilroy@gmail.com)

Treasurer:  Paul Young (paulyoung@gmail.com)

Fundraising coordinator:  Angela Klosek (angela@madevents.com)

President:  Caroline Young (carolinyoung@gmail.com)


GODPARENTS’ CAMPAIGN - AUGUST THROUGH DECEMBER 2013 – News from Father Lampy that exam results for school year 2012-2013 for our schools was excellent (90% of students passed their exams – 5th and 8th grade, state exams)

$10,000 DONATION was received through the Gail Goodridge fund to start an Agricultural Bank in Cavaillon.  Our goal is to raise $60,000 for loans to farmers.  These loans are due at harvest time, rather than monthly as in most micro-credit programs.

$6,000 DONATION was received through the US Bishop’s conference, to repair the roof of Berrette church/school damaged during Hurricane Sandy.  The work was completed in time for the beginning of school October 1.

CHRISTMAS MARKET November 16-17, 2013

FUNDRAISER at Cafe Asia November 23, 2013

TRIP TO HAITI planned for February 2014