Dear Friends,

This weekend is Commitment Sunday for our parish–I invite each of you please to place yourself at the service of our parish with your

Talents–Prayerfully consider your God-given gifts and where they may best be used for his service:  Singing in a choir?  Greeting and ushering your neighbor at Mass?  Teaching and mentoring our children and youth?  Working in the Food Pantry?

Time–Our time is precious, so it’s a great gift to give to God and neighbor through service to your parish.  Prayerfully think about how much of your free time you give to God, especially compared to other pursuits.

Treasure–Your generous weekly financial offerings support all the good works of our parish:  from funding the salaries of our employees who serve us all, to purchasing supplies like bread and wine and candles, to paying bills for light, heat and air conditioning (and all the maintenance of our physical plant).  Prayerfully reflect on whether your financial support represents a truly sacrificial gift and if it should be increased, decreased or stay the same this year.  I especially encourage you, please, to give electronically, which is more convenient and efficient both for you and for parish administration; check out the link at: (FYI, an annual financial report for the last fiscal year is inserted in this bulletin.)

Our various ministries and apostolates are present in Benedict Hall this weekend to provide information about their good works and to recruit volunteers.  If you were unable to stop by, please contact our parish office or the appropriate parish staff member for information and to sign up to serve.  Also, this weekly bulletin will regularly inform everyone of where we most need volunteers.  Thanks to those who already do so much for our parish, and thanks to those who will respond this weekend:  may God bless you for your generous service!

Next Sunday, October 5, at the 6:00 P.M. Mass, I will be officially installed as your pastor at the Please join me for the Mass and for a reception that will follow.

This week’s “Spiritual Life Boot Camp,” weekly faith formation talk for adults, continues on Monday, September 29, at 7:30 P.M. in Benedict Hall with a talk on “How to Make A Good Confession.”

Finally, this week truly marks the end of an era:  Susana Moncayo, who has worked here as a receptionist and secretary for a quarter century after her retirement from the OAS, is re-retiring.  May God repay her for her faithful, dedicated, lengthy and joyful service.  I remain,


Your servant in Christ Jesus,

Fr. Don Planty

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