Third Sunday of Easter

April 19, 2015


Dear Friends,

Faith formation for adults, “Marriage Boot Camp,” continues this Monday, April 20, at 7:30 P.M. in Benedict Hall with a talk by Dr. John Cuddeback (chair of the Department of Philosophy at Christendom College) and his wife, Sofia, on “Parenting:  Raising Catholic Children.”  The Cuddebacks have six children, and so have a wealth of experience in parenting.  Also, check out Dr. Cuddeback’s blog on the home, marriage and family, “Bacon from Acorns:  A Philosophy of Household,” at 

Speaking of marriage and family, I join Bishop Loverde in encouraging you to “pray that the beauty of authentic married love will inspire many to protect it,” and to participate in the annual March for Marriage this Saturday, April 25, which offers a great “opportunity to witness for the good of marriage in our nation.”  Those who would like to go as a group from St. Charles will leave from the parish at 11:30 A.M. and take the Metro to the rally and march.  There is more detailed information in this bulletin.  As Pope Francis said in his General Audience talk just last Wednesday (April 15):

Experience teaches us that for the human being to know him- or herself well and to grow harmoniously, there is a need for reciprocity between man and woman.  When this does not happen, we see the consequences.  Without mutual enrichment in this relationship the two cannot even fully understand what it means to be a man and a woman.  Modern and contemporary culture has introduced many doubts and much scepticism.  So-called gender theory is an expression of frustration and resignation, that aims to cancel out sexual difference as it is no longer able to face it.  Yes, we run the risk of taking step backwards.  Indeed, the removal of difference is the problem, not the solution.  Supported by God's grace, it is possible to plan a lifelong matrimonial and family union.  The marriage and family bond is a serious matter for all, not only for believers. I would like to encourage intellectuals not to ignore this theme, as if it were secondary to our efforts to promote a freer and more just society.

Communion with God is reflected in the communion of the human couple.  This leads to the great responsibility of the Church, of all believers, and above all of Christian families, to rediscover the beauty of the Creator's plan that inscribes the image of God also in the covenant between man and woman.  The earth is filled with harmony and trust when the covenant between man and woman is lived well.  And if men and women seek this together between them and with God, without doubt they will find it. Jesus explicitly encourages us to bear witness to this beauty, which is the image of God.

I remain,

Your servant in Christ Jesus,

Father Don


THANKS to all those who generously supported our bishop’s and our diocese’s good works

–and helped our parish surpass its goal!



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